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keith RowleyI am a  a professional engineer and business manager with decades of international business and technology experience. I have high level skills in website design, online advertising, SEO  and design and have promoted many of my own websites to the top of Google. I hold a British Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering and an Australian MBA. Until I moved to Australia, I was a registered Professional Engineer in South Africa.

I started Rowley SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services because I saw a genuine need for honesty and experience in the domain of website promotion; far too many businesses are duped by amateurs and spend money they can ill afford to spend without return on investment.

In the realm of SEO there is more disinformation available than real information, and unfortunately, considerable damage can be done to a business using poor SEO services – many business owners have suffered badly from this. Once that damage is done, it can be both difficult and expensive to recover. The contractor of course loses nothing and often simply disappears!

RowleySEO is about providing you with realistic information and action plans for your business web site that will provide a substantial return – which will ensure the success of this business by achieving success for yours.

It is about dealing honestly and transparently with business people and highlighting the risks of web promotion, not just the potential benefits. I hope you consult us and find out what we can do for you to increase the value of your business.

My Experience

You can read my resume on Linked in here. Here’s a brief summary:

I started my career as Merchant Navy Radio and Electronics Officer and then as an electronics engineer and designer. Subsequent to this, I obtained an MBA and spent fifteen years as a Business Manager. I have international businesses from South Africa and also businesses serving the mining industry from Western Australia. During the past five years I have studied and practiced the design and optimization of Web Based Business and Search Engine Optimization.

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