SEO Brisbane – Why Your Business Needs Local SEO

How well is your business doing in the Brisbane local rankings? Are you in the 'three pack' at the top of the page or your business type? If not, could you ever get there and is it worth the effort? What's the difference between national/international ranking and local ranking in Brisbane?

These are some of the questions we're going to answer in this article. To see if it sticks, we're going to provide you with a little quiz at the end to see if we made ourselves clear! So let's go!

The Number of Businesses in Brisbane

​In 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics tells us that there were 184, 518 businesses operating in Brisbane. Of these businesses:

  • ​26% employed 1 to 4 people
  • 9.5% employed 5-19 people
  • 2.6% employed 20 or more people
  • 61% Employed no one

Clearly, as a small business, the majority of your competitors are also small business, which means that they will not be doing in-house SEO and web-design in general; they will be outsourcing. They will in general have limited budgets, and can be beaten - you are not facing companies like Amazon and other major brands; some of these smaller companies will be well established and fairly tough to beat,  but at least the battlefield does not look hopeless!

Measuring Online Business Competition in Brisbane

We're going to use an example for this -  an electrical contracting business. This will give you an idea of how online competition works in your Brisbane based local business.

Keyword Competition in Brisbane SEO

Using our tools. we typed in 'Electrician Brisbane' to see what we would find. We are primarily concerned with three factors here:

  • The volume of searches
  • The difficulty of competing for the keyword
  • The status of our competitors - how many good links do they have and so on. 

This is what we found:

Search Volume

Difficulty (1-100)

Top Competitor

Next Competitor


65.74 (hard)

Yellow pages

How do we compete as a Brisbane Business?

​The first thing we do is broaden our search to look for easier terms - less exploited terms - in Brisbane.  Here's what we found:


Search Volume​

Difficulty (1-100)

Top Competitor

Electrical Services Brisbane


35.79 (Moderate to Easy)

Commercial Electricians Brisbane


42.71 (Moderate)

Yellow pages

Brisbane electrical Contractors


45.77 (Moderate)

Yellow Pages

Electricians North Brisbane


44.62 (Moderate)

There are a couple of important things in  that table:

  1. There is an EASY term 'Electrical Services Brisbane' with fifty searches per month - that's potentially a lot of business​ for an electrician and getting into the top-spot will not be difficult.
  2. Yellow Pages are prominent, but my take on this is that people using Google and  looking for an electrician in Brisbane want to link to a real business NOW - not browse through another directory - so go for it - many people will simply skip the yellow pages entry,
  3. Point 2 is also valid for the business directory we see in the last keyword - TrueLocal.

Analysing the Brisbane Business Competition

​Let's say we want to go for that easy keyword - Electrical Services Brisbane. let's look at the company holding the number 1 spot for that -

Using our SEO tools, we find the following:

​THIS SITE HAS NO BACKLINKS!!! WOW! - This on 26 February 2017. 

If I wanted to get business for an electrician in Brisbane FAST - I'd be going for this keyword.​ Doubtless, many will read this post and the situation will change.

SEO Brisbane - Getting Ranked - where Do We Begin?

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